Do Handloom Sarees have to be expensive?

Do Handloom Sarees have to be expensive?

Before we understand the price point of any handloom saree, let’s start by learning about how this work of art is produced.

The word ‘Handloom’ can be divided into two parts:

  • Hand – By the use of the hand/skills of the artisan
  • Loom- A device which is used to weave thread or yarn into cloth.

 So, any Saree or Kurti that sells with the tag ‘Handloom’ has a human intervention to it.

The Need for Handloom Sarees to be expensive:

If you want to purchase handloom sarees online, you need to know why they are often priced so high. We’ll give you 3 reasons why it is a great option to invest in a handloom saree:

  • Comfort – Handloom Sarees are soft to touch as the skilled artisan uses the loose-weaving technique to stitch. The material is breathable and light on the skin.
  • Time Taken – These pretty sarees take approximately 2-3 days to be created by the artisan, sometimes even weeks. Skilled rural artisans work continuously for long hours to make a single saree. Investing in handloom sarees is an investment one should be proud of.
  • Uniqueness – No two sarees are entirely the same even if they are created with the same technique. The skilled artisans use their signature weave on the sarees that cannot be replicated by another person or powerlooms. 

The sarees are priced in the higher range as the rural artisans are fairly compensated for the effort they put in.

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