Organic Cotton Fabric Prints for the Stylish You!

Organic Cotton Fabric Prints for the Stylish You!

With a touch of magic, serene waters and blossoming flowers, the fabrics at Anemone Vinkel feel like a piece of heaven that is soft to the touch and calm to the eyes. The cotton fabric has a glistening feel and is perfect to keep cool on warmer days.

Our most-awaited launch of fabrics is a delight to the soul with shades of crimson, indigo and gulab. An array of soulful delights that can be paired with ease and comfort, the fabric colour boasts of traditional patterns like Mughal prints, Batik Dyes, Indigo Paradise, Bagru Prints and Sanganeri Prints.

Mughal Print fabrics flaunt the stories of the Mughal era and have been inspired by their architecture and famous monuments. The Mughal kings appreciated and made Mughal Prints one of the finest arts recognised in the country. Only natural colours are used on the fabric, and every colour has its origin and rich significance. Since they are timeless and evergreen, floral patterns have been incorporated into the intricate patterns.


Batik is a type of printing wherein patterned areas are covered in wax to resist the colours. The four types of Batik are Tie and Dye, Batik Lukis (Hand drawn Batik), Batik Skrin (screen printing), and Batik Blok (Block printing). Batik is well-liked among Southeast Asian cultures that people began to try various new patterns for different groups.


India is known for exporting indigo across the globe. The Indigo dyes have been popular for centuries and are a shade of the rich. Indigo dyes are extracted from the leaves of the indigo plant and made into a fine powder to imprint cotton fabric. Indigo fabrics stand out from the rest and are widely acknowledged, for being natural and beautiful.


Bagru Prints are handmade prints from Jaipur which use wooden carved blocks for block printing. The wooden blocks are carved with beautiful patterns and then dipped in chosen colours before being stamped onto the organic cotton fabric. This print is famous for being eco-friendly but labour-intensive. Even today, vegetable and organic dyes are employed to colour natural cloth. Bagru Prints are widely demanded across the globe as they create bold outfits for women.


Sanganeri Prints is also a method of hand-block printing. Sanganer uses thin lines and sober colours, whereas Bagru uses bold colours and motifs. Being nearly five centuries old, the exquisite patterns and motifs on the fabric give vintage vibes. The Sanganeri prints of Rajasthan are admired across the country and are usually made on lighter cloths to emphasise their intricate details.

Our rich collection of organic cotton fabrics can be stitched into the clothing of your choice, such as summer shrugs, dresses, skirts, tunics and kurtis. Anemone Vinkel promises to bring you unique fabric designs that offer comfort and style and help you create a timeless aura.

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