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Block Prints

Block printing is an essential part of Indian culture and has been around since 3500 BC. The pattern is carved on a wooden block and then dipped in organic dye before stamping onto the fabric. The intricate detailing and handmade quotient on block printed fabrics make it special, and unique.

Block printing is an art you should forever treasure.

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Indigo Prints

Indigo, a beautiful deep blue dye, has a rich history in India. It has been used for centuries to color textiles and for medicinal purposes. During British rule, indigo plantation saw a huge rise, and even now nearly 60 types of Indigofera plant can be found in India. Indigo continues to be cherished and used for various artistic and commercial purposes across the world.

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The Grace of

HandWoven Sarees

Handwoven sarees are a mixture of passion and tradition, crafted by skilled weavers who pour their hearts into every thread and piece they design. With patience and experience, they weave colorful yarns on traditional handlooms, forming gorgeous patterns that portray stories of their everlasting culture.

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Our Brand Roots

With an idea of promoting handcrafted and handmade products that are rich in comfort, style and century-old traditions, Anemone Vinkel was born. Our aim is to help the world shift towards sustainable and slow fashion. We guarantee you that all our products were, are and will always be organic and stylish.

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