Handloom Sarees by Anemone Vinkel are eco-friendly as we use organic and natural colours

The Need to switch to Organic Dyes!

Plant materials have been used to add colours to various textiles for centuries. These organic/natural dyes are both environmentally friendly and are available readily. 


Until the 19th century, all the textiles used natural dyes but were drastically reduced due to the arrival of new dyes. The harmful effects and the growing consumer awareness have revived the use of organic dyes. Since these dyes are procured from flowers, leaves and vegetables, they are widely used in the colouration of textiles, cosmetics and foods.

There are a few organic clothing brands in India which are providing eco-friendly women sarees.

Eco-friendly sarees, these handloom sarees are made with organic colours


What are the most popular colours used in dyes, and where do they come from?


  1. Madder: Madder is an ancient red dye that has been around for centuries. Red colour has been procured from the roots of “Rubia Tinctorum". The dye gets darker when the plant matures. However, the red colour is now being extracted from beetroots and other flowers.


  1. Turmeric: Turmeric is used worldwide to naturally colour organic sarees yellow. When the cloth is submerged in a turmeric base, it gains the colour of the plant root. The longer the cloth is immersed, the darker the shade gets.


  1. Spinach Leaves and other greens: The leaves help colour the cloth green. Different leaves can be used in varying the colour from mint green to bottle green. A green dye can also be created using a mixture of yellow and blue dye.


  1. Dahlia, Marigold and Sunflower: These flowers are widely used in the process of dyeing of organic sarees since their extraction process is similar. They are also known as dye flowers since the dye they produce cannot be washed off easily.

 Organic Dyes, Natural dyes by flowers. Anemone Vinkel uses natural dyes which are eco-friendly

Advantages of Natural Dyes:

Though Natural Dyes are not 100% safe, they are less toxic when compared to other dyes. Many of these dyes have health benefits and can treat various infections.


  • Health and Safety are ensured since they do not cause skin infections or cancer. 
  • They are biodegradable and can be disposed of easily without causing concern to the environment. 
  • Vegetable Dyes are obtained from organic and renewable sources.
  • Although there are limitations in terms of colour options, these organic dyes are cost-effective.  

 So, if you are looking for organic clothing brands in India, you can trust us! 

Are you ready to switch to organic sarees which are eco-friendly?

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