About Us

Welcome to Anemone Vinkel

Anemone Vinkel   is an amalgamation of two words:  Anemone  - a plant of the buttercup family with brightly colored flowers and deeply divided leaves, and  Vinkel  - angle. Together they signify nature in all its glorious variety.

Anemone Vinkel is all about resuscitating, encouraging and bringing into the limelight all the beautiful handlooms that have been traditionally created in India. We bring you handcrafted products and fabrics from across India.

Every single one of them is born out of handpicked colors and designs drawn from all over the country creating a stunning range of products that are rooted in tradition and yet have a contemporary vibe. Every single one of them is a must-have you will fall in love with as soon as you catch a glimpse.

Anemone Vinkel brings you the best of handwoven fabrics and prooducts from all over India. Explore our wide range of handcrafted designs and weaves and get ready to fall in love!


Hi, I'm Mounika Krishna, the founder of Anemone Vinkel. I have loved fashion designing since I was small, but only pursued it after working in the fast paced IT industry for 12 years.
After an exhaustive research, I learnt about the origins of different cloths and travelled across the country to meet traditional weavers and learn about their techniques. Learning about their livelihood and the dying handloom industry, it further urged me to make a difference in the lives of these people and change the way we look at the handloom sector.
So, Anemone Vinkel was born. We take traditional hand-crafted sarees and add a unique twist to them by making it a perfect wear for the modern woman.
My vision is to make Anemone Vinkel, a house of handlooms by filling the gap between the bright handloom industry and you.



Our products include Kalamkaris, Ajrak, Dabu, Bagh, Sanganeri and Bagru using indigenous dying techniques such as Bandhani, Leheriya and Batik. Each of these artistic forms are inspired by nature and designed with intricacy and superb artistry by artistes who hail from families that have been practicing the craft for generations.

These fabrics and design traditions have been created, crafted and perfected in India over hundreds of years. They tell the story of an amazing, ancient country and its traditional practices. 

Since we are a sustainable brand, we ensure all the pieces of a cloth find new homes to cherish and adore. Our zero waste collection consists of beautiful handmade products like pouches and scrunchies that are tiny pieces of luxury that help preserve the environment.

We bring elegance to your home with our handcrafted products and take back your smiles to our weavers and artisans