Quirky Upcycled Pouches – Zero Waste Collection for You

Quirky Upcycled Pouches – Zero Waste Collection for You

Anemone Vinkel is proud to have launched our zero-waste collection. These are our upcycled pouches that are perfect to carry your essentials in style knowing that you are contributing to the betterment of the world.

If you want to begin your journey to a Sustainable Life, we suggest checking out our upcycled pouches collection now.

But first,

What is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable Living is undertaking a lifestyle that causes less usage of the Earth’s resources and understanding the need to live better and lighter. It also means realising that our positive choices today will help future generations.

What does Upcycled mean?

Upcycling is a creative reuse of the product that generates a better outcome than what it was earlier. In simpler terms, every product with the tag ‘upcycled’ means that it is made new and better than its old condition. These products have become popular as they use fewer resources of the planet and contribute to the growth of the environment.

So, How do our Upcycled Pouches help you?

Our Cotton Pouches are handmade by women artisans in rural parts of the country, and we ensure that all the pieces of the fabric find loving homes. Our cotton pouches are made from upcycled fabric and are natural and beautiful.

These Zipper pouches are created from unbleached cotton and come in fun and quirky prints to keep your essentials safe. It has a PVC lining and a metal zipper and is available in three different sizes.

Makeup Pouch:

Carry your makeup in style and keep your little luxuries safe in our makeup pouch for women. These pouches are so pretty, and oh since they are made from pure cotton fabric, they are soft and will help protect your makeup products from scratches.

Utility Pouch:

Our multipurpose pouches are sized perfectly to carry your essentials elegantly, with everyone wondering where you got this beauty from. Our utility pouches are gorgeous and can be used to carry hair accessories or even be used as a jewellery pouch. You can check out the cotton pouch here.

Toiletry Pouch:

A Toiletry pouch is fantastic for carrying larger travel necessities like body wash, hand cream etc. You can now travel with big bottles and stay at ease knowing they are safe and keep your necessities stored in the same place. Our Toiletry pouch is washable, reusable, compact and exceptionally soft.


With a variety of prints and praiseworthy features, our luxurious eco-friendly pouches for women are a must-have to calm your organising self. At Anemone Vinkel, trust us to bring you the best quality products at great prices and open your homes to handcrafted pouches, which are natural, better, and quirky.



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