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Bouquet of Roses - Sanganeri Fabric

Bouquet of Roses - Sanganeri Fabric

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When asked to name the top 3 people you love, how long would it take you to name yourself. This is a quote that often leaves me pondering. When I came across this question, I named everyone around me, and forgot that I as an Individual matter! Fast-forward to today, I know I matter. It all started when I learnt the meaning of the colour Pink. The colour Pink stands for compassion, inner peace and self-love.

I began wearing a lot of pink and it helped me. Not necessary that what helped me, would help you too, but t's worth a shot. This bouquet of roses sanganeri fabric is made from Premium cotton that is organically sourced. Let it remind you, that you are pretty loved and at peace, wherever you are, in your journey of life.

Wear Pink as often as you can and let it be a reminder, that you're beautiful, just the way you are.


Disclaimer and Shipping

The actual color may vary slightly due to different screen caliberation. Since this product is handwoven, there might be slight irregularities and unevenness in the weave, pattern or selvedge. 
Gentle hand-wash in soft water and mild detergent separately.
Avoid bringing in contact with direct sunlight and liquids, especially perfumes.

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